When is the best time to involve a consultant using traditional feng shui?

Right at the start of the project where possible. It can be as early as the conceptual stage or selecting the plot. It is likely, the discussion will be about the true aims of the principals rather than the project aims. The earlier the better.

As much as we would like, it is not possible to do a consultation or makeover on an existing property and deliver the promise consistently. This inconsistency is most probably due to the weakness in the existing location – either it does not receive sufficient energy or is unable to retain the energy. It is not possible to correct for such situations.

We get much better results when we are involved from the beginning like in the selection of the site. We are looking for a site particularly where there is plenty of flowing energy and this energy can be retained.

To get the project completed on time and on budget, an appropriate time has to be selected to start the project.

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