Is traditional feng shui only about buildings?

Traditional feng shui (TFS) covers both the time and buildings (space) dimensions.

Time dimension (one dimension):

We are used the cyclic changes in nature:

· Daily cycle – night & day (1 day)
· Monthly cycle – solar and lunar (30/31 days and 28 days respectively)
· Yearly cycle – 365 days

However, there are other cycles in nature that influence economic & business trends, sociological changes; these include physical changes, – some cities grow prosperous whereas other cities stagnate. Parts of the city may proper and other parts languish.

Traditional feng shui anticipates the changes in both time and space dimensions. It is from the basis of historical experiences, traditional feng shui can predict the changes that are to happen and can, adapt buildings and cities to the changes.

Space dimension (three dimensions):

TFS is used in the complete range of property or real estate developments. The design of a single residential house, buildings (offices, retail outlets/shopping centres, hotel/resorts) estates (residential and business parks) to urban and regional developments

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