Michael is a well sought-after public speaker. He currently gives a talk on:
“The World turned upside down explained and how you can benefit from it”. – An analysis of the current economic situation and the developing trends in the next decade. Most importantly, he describes who and how to benefit from it.

Comment on the talks –

“Michael gave an excellent presentation to our group that was very well received. He is clearly an expert in his field and provided a new and fascinating insight into the world of Feng Shui. I really learned something valuable that will be able to apply in future”.

Gerri McManus
SMN Guildford Group
(Feb 2010)

“Michael Oon’s scientific pedigree and in depth understanding of Feng Shui will soon dispel any doubts of the sceptic. A fascinating introduction to Feng Shui as passed down through centuries of wisdom.”

Trevor Krueger
OMEC (Overseas Malaysia Executive Council)
(Feb 2010)

‘Michael Oon kindly volunteered as our special Guest Speaker at Weybridge Ecademy in January 2010. In his fascinating presentation of “The World Turned Upside Down Explained and How You Can Benefit From It”, he gave his audience a new insight into Feng Shui and Chinese forecasting based on their vast history of recorded information. It opened our eyes to something really new and interesting – that we can apply knowledge to current economic conditions to our best advantage. Indeed, points arising from Michael’s talk were still being discussed in relation to other topics raised later that same evening during our networking session. I would highly recommend listening to Michael’s talk and look forward to having him back again for further insghts later this year!’

David Nunn
Ecademy (Weybridge Group)
(Feb 2010)

“I always thought that Feng Shui was a little hard to fathom out. After listening to Michael’s presentation I was much clearer that there was more to Feng Shui than where to place your bedside cabinet. I found his talk fascinating and entertaining.”

Richard White (Pro Excellence Ltd)
NRG network meeting
Ecademy (blackstar meeting)
(Feb 2010)

‘I asked Michael to speak at a business networking event that I had organised and having known Michael for the past few years I knew that his perspective on past, present and future business trends would fascinate and intrigue the audience – he did not disappoint.

The Feng Shui perspective as well as Michael’s easy delivery of a complex subject made his talk compelling and evoked much thought and question from the audience; he left with those listening wanting to know more. He is worth inviting to your event and giving his fascinating take on business trends by the Feng Shui Master.’

Antonio Falco
Business Scene (Surrey)
(Feb 2010)

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