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The Tale of 2 Murdochs – making money with a purpose and value.

Elisabeth Murdoch
Elisabeth Murdoch – presented the The James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture in Edinburgh in 2012

Earlier this month, I was having a conversation with my colleague on the significance of making more money. Anyone can make money but not everyone can hold on to it. He had rigorously pointed out to me that making and holding the money is the result of the intention.

No sooner were my thoughts on this settled, Elisabeth Murdoch in the prestigious James MacTaggart Memorial Lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival 2012 made a keynote speech.

Elisabeth Murdoch’s speech starts on the 9th minute of the video after all the introductions.

Elisabeth Murdoch is the 2nd eldest daughter of Rupert Murdoch, founder of News Corporation, the world’s 2nd largest media group and the 3rd largest in entertainment group and valued at about US$30 billion, It has interests in film, television, cable, magazines, newspapers, publishing and more. Elisabeth is the founder and CEO of Shine, a television production company.

She was commenting on the very same topic that my colleague and I were discussing. There is no better way of demonstrating these thoughts than to take excerpts from the speech (taken mainly from the concluding part).

She had pointed out that her brother James Murdoch in the MacTaggart Lecture (2009) “ended his lecture with a line in which he claimed that the only reliable and perpetual guarantor of independence is profit.

James Murdoch is Elisabeth’s younger brother and deputy CEO of News Corporation (3rd ranking person in News Corporation). He had implied that to make a profit (money), it does not matter how it is made.

Then in 2011 in the UK, News International became embroiled in a phone hacking and related scandals. This has not only discredited the brand, closure of its best selling newspaper (News of the World) and possibly himself. James Murdoch was the chairman of News Group Newspapers in London when the scandal was at its height.

She says “The reason his statement sat so uncomfortably is that profit without purpose is a recipe for disaster.”

She goes further and says: “Profit without purpose is a recipe for disaster. Profit must be our servant, not our master. (Values come from a statement of purpose.)

Absence of purpose – or of a moral language – within government, media or business, could become one of the most dangerous own goals for capitalism and for freedom

My Dad (Rupert Murdoch) had the vision, the will and the sense of purpose to challenge the old world order on behalf of “the people”. He literally bet our house on it. My parents spoke to us vividly over the breakfast table about what this purpose meant, and that we could be obliged to be permanent outsiders and constant nomads. But even back then,

I understood that we were in pursuit of a greater good – a belief in better.

A mission to improve the world doesn’t turn business into some social agency. It makes business great.

The late Steve Jobs said, “being the richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me.
Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something that’s what matters to me”.

If we want to even contemplate that we have left an indelible mark on time, that we have left behind a legacy like the great cathedral builders of the past, then we have to aspire to be something special and to change and grow. That is the way that we will live on in others.

We have to acknowledge and dedicate ourselves to our purpose, which is to tell great stories, to inspire our audience, and to contribute to a sense of community.

If we follow this course with diligence and conviction, then we will find that we too are laying the foundations of a new cathedral. “

Comment: There is the illusion that aiming directly at making more money will make you even more money. Yes but it will not be for long. News International is used as an example in this post. Also, look no further then the reputation of the banks after the banking crisis of 2008. The reputation of the major banks in the UK are in shreds at the moment.

However, if you have an intention that contributes to the well being of the Universe, the money is earned as a reward for your contribution.

An appropriate way to end is a Chinese story which was told to be as a child and also in my training in feng shui.

Money is like a “dog” which has 4 legs. It is difficult to catch it because us humans have only 2 legs. The dog thinks it a game of “catch me” and runs away when you are close to it. However, when you make yourself so much in demand, money will chase you. Just work on getting your intention right.

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Steve Jobs – Technologist Extraordinaire

Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple citing ill health in August 2011. There were accolades in the media for his work at Apple. A company that he started .twice!. What is so extraordinary about Steve?

He did not have any qualifications or specialism – he was not a hardware engineer nor was he a software engineer. He was not chained to either. He was a technologist visionary. He could see the big picture where others were stuck in the detail.

I have written about him previously and have considerable respect for him and his work.
Comment: “Steve Jobs, Apple’s chief executive, has been voted the CEO of the decade by Fortune magazine.”

Jobs started Apple twice. The first time with Steve Wozniak in the 1970s and the second time when it had problems in 1998. He now leaves Apple the largest company by stock market valuation (larger than Exxon/Mobil). Isn’t this the dream that every founder wants – retire when your company is on a high?

Apple is in now leading the field in personal technology. As he retires, I am sure that he has already laid the ground work for future generations of products. His successor, Tim Cook, excels in getting the product to market efficiently and effectively.

Some observations of Steve Jobs.

1. Apple concentrates of specific areas. They do it very well. Also, they bring it to market very quickly, That is their speciality. They do not grab any opportunity. In the PC/windows, there are lots of good but also bad areas,

2. Jobs was driven my passion and not financial success. This passion is reflected in his products which people LOVE. In return, he gets the passion and Love from his customers. They not only adore his products they buy them in droves.

3. It is Jobs vision in the application of this technology. Hence his successes in Movies (Pixar) and music (iTunes).

4. Apple do not use Focus Groups in the design of new products. Steve Jobs uses Apple Staff who use the technology already. They are the best persons to give informed opinions. KISS (Keep it simple)

5. Apple products are designed to be used – its designs are intuitive enough so that so no user guide is supplied. Should you require help, there is a superb after sales including their Genius Bar.

6. Jobs vision in the technology field has led Apple to dominate scene with the next generation of technologies – the tablet (iPad) and the smartphone (iPhone) and now the fading star – the music player (iPod). It goes to show, Microsoft had recognised that the tablet is the next generation of computing but after decades or work, it is Apple that is dominating the tablet market with the iPad.

7. One of the most inspiration quotes that I have read.
“Our time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice.”

8. One of the most inspiration videos that I have seen. Steve Jobs: How to live before you die

I will be posting a feng shui analysis of the current Apple Campus. A feng shui analysis of the future Apple Campus has been posted

I am sure, he will be appearing in future Apple presentation. This is not the last of the Apple co-founder.
Steve Jobs – Technologist Extraordinaire

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Jim Al-Khalili and Marcus du Sautoy on Choas Theory on BBCtv

There were 2 TV documentaries on BBCtv on the Chaos Theory. This is excellent television – bringing complex science to the public and doing it well.
The programmes were:

Professor Jim Al Khalili
Professor Jim Al Khalili

Jim Al-Khalili – The Secret Life of Chaos


Professor Marcus du Sautoy
Professor Marcus du Sautoy

Marcus de Sautoy – The Code.


Each has a different view point on Chaos Theory.

What is Chaos theory?
Chaos theory is a study of the mathematics of the dynamic systems found in natural processes (Nature) – physics, economics, weather, biology etc. The start the process is of known numbers but the result can be so different. It depends so much on the initial conditions.
This is so different from the laws devised by Newton where the results were predictable as calculations were linear. Chaos theory explains many “unexpected” occurrences in Nature accurately.

What is the point of this post?
Jim Al-Khalili looks into this subject from the outside. He is very good in explaining the subject to a person curious about Chaos theory. Jim communicates this subject well.

Marcus approach is so different. He lives and breathes this subject and his passion shows. He is the “go-to” person for Chaos Theory.
Therefore, if I wanted to know more about the subject, I would attend a lecture from Jim Al-Khalili. However, if I wanted to be student or researcher of Chaos Theory, I would go and learn it from Marcus du Sautoy.

The main point of this post is where do you get your knowledge from? If you want to understand the subject, you learn it from a teacher,
If you want to research or practise the knowledge, go and learn it from a research or practitioner. The information, attitudes, passion and procedures are different, in fact, so vastly different.

A good teacher might not be a good practitioner. He might be a good communicator. A good practitioner might not be a good teacher, but he knows how to use and apply the knowledge.

(c) Copyright – Dr Michael Oon. All Rights Reserved Worldwide 2011.