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Winds of Change – A Video

Using Feng Shui’s Time Dimension to explain the past and current trends

The standard unit of time is the “hour, day, month, year”. They are also cycles – one hour has 60 seconds, one day has 24 hours, one month has about 30 days and one year has 365 days. The Chinese have further cycles of 12 years, 60 years and the 180 years.

In this talk, I am referring to the 180 year cycle which is made up of 9 sub-cycles, each of 20 years. As with Chinese philosophy, these cycles have their own particular characteristics or properties.

This video is about two of these 20 year sub-cycles. They are known as Period 7 and Period 8. The characteristics of each sub-cycle are different and I will show how they relate to current social and economic trends. As the saying goes: ”To be forewarned is to be forearmed”.

1984-2004 is known as Period 7. It was a brash time, rise of the women in the workplace, the spending of money, and the rise of the service industries. 2004-2024 (Period 8 ) is totally different – creative and manufacturing industries, different perception on money; village life with a caring and sharing mindset.

The talk is in the Pecha Kucha format; showing of 20 images each for 20 seconds.

The video is for the UK audience but for non-UK viewers, there is some background information on Katie Price (aka Jordan) and her ex-husband Peter Andre.

Katie Price is a celebrity, famous for being famous. At the age of 33, she has already written her 5th autobiography and is in a number of reality shows. She says what she thinks. She is considered to be impulsive, frank, argumentative and a spendthrift.

Peter Andre is a singer who had the hit “Mysterious Girl” in the 1990s. His second spell as a celebrity started with his romance with Katie Price. He takes is “craft” seriously. He practises his singing whenever he has time. He has a TV programme where he goes around the country helping people to raise money for their projects. He uses his time and celebrity status to help.

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It is a double dip recession! (Where is the hemline index today?)

Are we heading for another economic crisis?

“The Hemline index was based on the observation by George Taylor in 1926 that the hemlines in women’s rise with the stock prices.
This has been collaborated with the miniskirts in the 1960s and late 1980s. Also the hemlines dropped in the dower 1970s and early 1990s.
There is also a secondary observation. When the economic times are bad, the fashion is towards formal or work-like clothes. When times are good, the fashion is for casual clothes.
This ties-in with the value of scarcity,”
Taken from an earlier post

On the street, the hemlines are high but the current economic situation is not good. There is a mismatch according to the hemline index.

Can the hemlines go any higher, I do not think it is possible anatomically. The only way is down. Fashion works in 2 ways – either in small changes or a big
dramatic leap to a new trend. I have seen maxi skirts in the shops and being worn. Perhaps, this will be the trend this autumn?

The economy – this has been limping along since 2008. Where is it going. At the moment, precisely nowhere. There have been serious crisis in Europe but I think they are precursors to the coming event. The world is structurally weak,

The coming downturn will clear many outstanding issues – mainly outstanding debt and weak businesses. It will then focus the minds of many people. The recovery will be strong and expect this to be about mid-2012?. This will be a start of a new bull market which should last till the early 2020s.

Why am I using the hemline index to predict the future? Well, it is more news worthy than the dry topic of economic indicators. Truth be told, I rely on established economic indicators but they are very different from the ones used in the media.

Lets see what happens next.

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Traditional Feng Shui – smooth energy flow (sheng qi) and the benefits

When the energy flows in a smoothly and gently, it has the properties of benevolent energy (sheng qi). This energy moves down roads, fields or paths that have a very gentle gradient. When moving directly to a property or business, the people do well (business, relationship and health aspects).

Using Longacres, a successful garden centre in Surrey, UK as an example:

Image 1: The road facing the entrance of Longacres. The gently sloping road allows the energy to flow into the entrance.

Energy flow at Longacres
Energy flow at Longacres

Image 2: Google Earth image of the Longacres entrance and road, The flow of energy is marked with a red arrow,

Google Earth Image of the road towards entrance
Google Earth Image of the road towards entrance

Dr Michael Oon

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