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Madame Tussauds in London. A feng shui analysis.

Madame Tussauds in London
Madame Tussauds building in London

The Madame Tussauds wax museum in London which started in 1883, has consistently been in the top 10 London tourist attractions.

Since I have been living in London and have frequently passed this building in Marylebone Road near Baker Street. There has always been queues of people waiting to get into this tourist attraction and a number of waiting tourist buses parked nearby. I have always wondered why people would come to this tourist attraction of wax figures of celebrities. Every person has their own individual preferences.

Madame Tussaud was taught by Dr Phillippe Curtius, a physician skilled in wax modelling in Bern, Switzerland. Her first wax figure was Voltaire in 1777. This was followed by creating the models of other famous figures of the time which included Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Benjamin Franklin. She came to London in 1802 to show her wax figures but she was unable to return to France because of the Napoleonic wars. She then took a series of short leases in Baker Street Bazaar. This was an exhibition of famous people like Horatio Nelson and Sir Walter Scott. In 1883 because of the restricted space of the Baker Street site, the museum moved to the present site in Marylebone Road. This became a great success.

This business has since grown to a major tourist attraction and has branches in many parts of the world including Amsterdam, Bangkok, Hollywood, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, New York City, Shanghai, Sydney, Vienna and Washington DC.

The Marylebone Road Site

Google Earth Image of Madame Tussauds in London
Google Earth Image of Madame Tussauds in London. Regents Parks is to the North of the building.

The building is located at the junction of Park Road and Marylebone Road. Park Road is one of the road surrounding Regents Park. The entrances to the building are marked A and B in the Google Earth image.

Initially, I could not understand the feng shui of the property but then it occurred to me was that the energy coming down Park Road was reflected off the buildings across Marylebone Road. The door at B is receiving this energy. As mentioned previously, Regents Park has is a reservoir of energy.

Park Road collects the energy from Regents Park and the energy moves in a southern direction towards Marylebone Road. When it reaches the junction, it hits the buildings across the road and this energy reflects across the Marylebone Road. It is fortuitous that Madame Tussauds building has a door at the furthest end from the junction and readily collects this reflected energy.

Had the door been nearer towards the junction, it would not receive as much of the reflected energy. The door at B is at the ideal position to receive this reflected energy. The door at A would also receives the energy coming down Park Road but it would be in the slip stream in the path of the moving energy.

Conclusion: Madame Tussauds has consistently been in London’s top 10 tourist attractions for decades. The building Madame Tussauds is located in receives plenty of energy from Regents Park. This energy contributes towards the success of this Tourist Attraction.

In the practise of feng shui, the more energy the building receives, this helps in the contribution of the success of the business.

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Tokyo Diner in the heart of London’s Chinatown for 20 years. A feng shui analysis.

Tokyo Diner at the Heart of London's Chinatown
Tokyo Diner at the Heart of London’s Chinatown. This restaurant has been in this location for 20 years. It is quite a feat. It is a story of success.

A Japanese Restaurant in the middle on London’s Chinatown in Soho for the past 20 years. The owner, Richard Hills is not Japanese by origin by a Japanophile at heart!. I have seen it at the corner of Newport Place and Lisle Street/Little Newport Street and took it for granted but, after hearing that it has been at that corner for what can be considered a life time, I thought that I should look at the location of the restaurant relative to the energy flows in Chinatown using the methods of traditional feng shui.

London’s Chinatown in Soho has recently had a constant churn in the tenants in the restaurants. It could be because of insufficient business for the asking rent or the owners had just enough. This churn or changing of ownership is a constant feature along Gerrard Street and Lisle Street in the 21st Century. The Tokyo Diner has being there for 20 years. This is quite a feat. Gone are the days where you could set up a restaurant and the owner would be able to do good business or literally print money. This was in the 1980s where Chinese Restaurants were relatively scarce. It is different nowadays as there is a surfeit of restaurateurs wanting to set up shop in Chinatown. However, with this increased competition, prices are relatively low and the quality has suffered. The Chinese food cognoscenti have moved to other localities like Queensway for a different quality of authentic Chinese food. The Chinese restaurants are now servicing the tourist visitor.

Google Earth image of Tokyo Diner in the heart of London's Chinatown
Google Earth image of Tokyo Diner (marked A)in the heart of London’s Chinatown. It is at a corner of a junction, ideal for fast food restaurants or coffee shops.

Tokyo Diner is at a “T” junction of Newport Place coming into Lisle Street. The energy coming down from Newport Place (from the North) mixes with the energy flow from Lisle Street (West) . A consequence of this energy mix, energy at 45 degrees to either Lisle Street and Newport Place will come through. The Door of Tokyo Diner is there to accept this energy. This configuration is known as Pai Lung (White Dragon).

I have always seen Tokyo Diner busy, it is rarely empty. There are other examples of coffee shops or fast food restaurants located near to road junctions and they are extremely busy. I have written a series of posts on the location of coffee shops. However, the restaurant of outside this “zone”, it will not reap the benefit of the energy from the junction. If fact, restaurants in these locations are known to change owners regularly.

The Tokyo Diner in feng shui terms, is classed as a “fast food restaurant” or a coffee shop. It is the Pai Long energy that makes work on this class of restaurant or coffee shop.

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Marks and Spencer Marble Arch Flagship Store. A feng shui analysis.

Marks and Spencer Marble Arch Store in London's Oxford Street
Marks and Spencer Marble Arch Store in London’s Oxford Street. This is Marks and Spencer Flagship Store.

This Marks and Spencer Store in Oxford Road is renown throughout the world. It is so famous and with an incredible reputation to follow, it is the brand’s flagship store. It has the largest floor area for Marks and Spencer. Every time I have pass this building, I see a constant flow of people going in and leaving with the Marks and Spencer shopping bags. This shop, I would imagine would have the highest footfall and profitability per unit area in the group, or, it does very well indeed!

I looked at it from the conventional feng shui analysis on energy flow but it did fit with the volume of people leaving the building with purchases.

Google Earth Image of Marks and Spencer's Marble Arch Store in London's Oxford Street
Google Earth Image of Marks and Spencer’s Marble Arch Store in London’s Oxford Street. The red arrows show the flow of energy around the Store.

Feng Shui Analysis
There are 2 flows of energy passing this building. One is energy from the North (Baker Street/Orchard Street from Regents Park) and the other is from the West (Oxford Street from Hyde Park). However, the land and the roads in front of the store dip down to a lower level. In other words, the energy would be rushing down to the lower level and missing the entrances of the building. Therefore, there would not be much energy going into the building. Therefore, the business would be expected to be good but not that really successful as it is today. There must be another reason which energy flows analysis cannot explain.

Further Feng Shui Analysis
Looking into the relative positions of the doors of the building, it occurred to me that the combinations of doors were in a combination of Later Heaven and Early Heaven sequence. This is knowledge used by a group of elite feng shui consultants.

Door Direction Location
A South South West
B South South East
C South East South East
D East North East

1. These are the early heaven and latter heaven trigram combinations
East and South (trigram Li)
South West and South East. (trigram Xun)
North East and East (trigram Zhen)

2. The number combinations of the latter heaven trigrams
There are doors in the South and South East – (9 and 4). This is a good combination.
Then there is the door in the North East which faces East (8 and 3)
Then the energy from the West coming to the Door in the South West (7 and 2)

The positions of the relative positions of the doors are unusual for a shop in Oxford Street. Particularly, the corner of having a tilted door (to the South East) with an adjacent door facing South.

Some of these combinations are more significant than others in the final analysis of the early and latter heaven sequence.

Further Analysis

If you look at the image, you can see the back half of the store is an extension. In my opinion, it was because of the the success of the initial store that the back half of the store was built. I would conclude, it is the unusual combination of doors in the front contribute to the success of this Marble Arch store to be the Marks and Spencer Flagship store.

(c) Copyright – Dr Michael Oon. All Rights Reserved Worldwide 2012.