Professional Standards

Professional Standards

One of main reasons for the longevity and credibility of Traditional Feng Shui (as practised by Alliance Feng Shui) is the maintenance of professional standards. These standards are based on the following aspects.

1. Training of members

· Selection
o Their passion for the subject and the desire to help people
o A diligent student
o The selection uses traditional Chinese procedures.

· Learning of the knowledge
o The classroom study of Feng Shui, Chinese metaphysics and personal development methods
o The knowledge is based on established methods used by senior members, who in turn, have learnt it from their seniors.

· Training in the application of knowledge
o Site visits in various parts of the world
o Individual presentations to show the understanding of the subject.

· Apprenticeship
o Work as an assistant to a senior member on various projects.

· Completion
o Members are allowed to market themselves for their own client base.

The average time taken from the start to the completion of the training is between 8 and 10 years. All members work with the established methods to the same professional standards. More importantly, they have trained to work as a team.

2. Ethics

All members of Alliance Feng Shui have signed up to the code of ethics. This code includes:
· Using the knowledge to help people in a positive manner; never using this knowledge to hurt others
· Respect for the environment
· The types of clients to work with and the types to decline for ethical reason
· Do not get involved in arguments with fellow members or anyone else
· Donate part of your earnings.

3. Conduct of Behaviour

· Always act in the best interests of the client
· Client confidentiality is consistently maintained unless requested by the client
· Act ethically
· Have a professional behaviour

4. Working as a Team

· Senior members are available for assistance and guidance
· Ability to work on large projects like town planning or land development etc
· Sharing of work experience
.  This structure provides “on the job training” for new members of the team.

5. Maintenance of Professional Standards

· The Board comprises of elected members
· To oversee the discipline and standards of the Team
· The Board is able to penalise any member for transgressions of the rules.

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