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1. Select new home:
To assist in the selection of a new home – This service gives to the client the best possible benefit that Feng Shui can provide as it matches the person to the environment (home and the landscape).

Shortlist a few homes and I can give an opinion of each of them to help in the decision process. This takes the risk out of purchasing an unsuitable property.

Home 1
Home 2
Home 3

2. Design of new home:

To get the best possible living environment using the methodology of feng shui. This includes selecting a good site, designing a property to fit the characteristics of the land and the people who will live there.

Traditional Chinese Houses
Peranakan House
Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion

3. To extend your home:

To get the best of the changes made to the home. Sometime, the extension can make dramatic changes to the welfare of the owners of the property.

4. Feng Shui home consultation:

Maximising the energy of the home to the person – improvement in the health, wealth and relationship aspects of life.

5. Using feng shui for Beauty:
This technique increases the flow of the blood to the head. With this improved blood flow, a more radiant look is noticed and of course, younger.

6. Using feng shui for wealth: Improves your wealth.

7. Continual problems. Out of the blue, there is a series of continual problems, one appears after another. This is a total drain of your energy.
Problems like Family harmony (constant arguments, family feuds), shortage of money


Consultancy (Commercial)

Consultancy (Property Development)

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