Imagine: Your property development project; the buildings are complete but the remaining 40% is unsold. There is no interest and the investors are asking questions. Your reputation is suffering. The pressure is on.

Imagine: In your business park development; you have scale model of the development in the sales office. After a heavy investment of PR & Advertising and networking, there are still no takers for any of the plots. What do you do next – Carry on with this development?

Imagine: You complete a building and it remains unoccupied. No one what to occupy the building. (The Ark)

Imagine: The development project is more than half way through. All the buildings are sold and at a premium to the market. You can start preparing for the next project with confidence.

I work as a consultant to property developers and use the techniques of traditional feng shui. I specialise in enabling property developers to sell their buildings faster and at a premium to the market. The focus of traditional feng shui is to save our clients time and money, maximize revenue and efficiency, to ensure the project is completed correctly the first-time, and the harmony of the nature and built, to ensure the health and well-being for the future residents of this project.
Our (Alliance Feng Shui) clients who use our services experience this and therefore, use our services on a continual basis. This decreases their risk profile in the investment, but increases their business confidence, reputation and business growth.

How do we work?

The procedures:
• Assessment of the owner’s goals and needs.
• Assessment of building site including site selection.
• Initial feng shui design guidelines for the architect.
• Participation with design team and review of building and landscape plans until the plans are finalized.
• Input into materials, colours, furniture and object placement etc.
• Assist in the sales process.
• Date selection for best time to begin work.

We respect the confidentially of our clients and do not give references.

Due to the size and complexity of this project, it will be necessary to employ a team of Feng Shui consultants (members of Alliance Feng Shui) to work on an ad hoc basis.

a. Residential Property (estate or apartments)
• To assist in the design of the masterplan – location of properties and the building design so that:
• Buildings to complete on time and on budget.
• Properties sell quickly and at a premium (to the market)
• Improve your reputation to the market, suppliers and the financiers.

b. Commercial Property (business park, shopping centre, commercial buildings – (offices, retail premises, hotel/resorts/spa),
• To assist in the design of the masterplan – location and design of the properties so that:
• Shopping centres – The centre attracts customers which in turn gives the tenants good business.
• Hotel/Resort – The occupancy rates are at their planned levels with the room rates holding firm.
• Offices – The staff are located to maximise they effectiveness in the business.

c. City Regeneration:
After identifying the cause of the decay, to assist in the design of the masterplan for the appropriate location of the public buildings, business and residential properties.

d. City Development:
This is very much like designing the ideal city where you want effective local government (health with law & order) with prosperity and people living in harmony.



Consultancy (Residential)

Consultancy (Commercial)

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