Dr Michael Oon, feng shui expert and consultant

Dr Michael Oon, feng shui expert and consultant

Dr Michael Oon – Feng Shui Expert and Consultant

I have been working as a professional consultant since 1998 and have carried out more than a thousand jobs in the UK and many parts of the world.

It is my passion to improve the lives of our clients – be it with personal projects (residential) or in commercial projects involving their business or clients.
· It is widely acknowledged that the environment influences the quality of our lives.
· I use principles of traditional feng shui to change the environment for the client’s benefit. Traditional feng shui is an established and recognised methodology; it is a Chinese system of land management. It has its origins some 4,000 years ago with the start of Chinese Civilisation.

The focus of the practise of traditional feng shui is
· to save our clients time and money,
· to maximize revenue and efficiency,
· to ensure the project is completed correctly the first-time,
· harmony with nature, the built environment and the people,
· to ensure the health and well-being for the future residents of this project.

I offer a full range of consultancy services:

I personally handle projects on Residential Property (link) and Commercial Property (link) primarily in the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.

As part of an international team, I can take on any project of any size in any part of the world. This includes
· Commercial Property (link)
· Property Development (link)


Consultancy (Residential)

Consultancy (Commercial)

Consultancy (Property Development)

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