Why does this Sandwich Bar keep changing its owners regularly?

It is very exciting to start in a new business premises; new location and new customers. How long will this last when the number of customers are not what is expected. What happened to the previous occupiers of this location – Why did they move out in the first place?

It is not exciting when the financial numbers do not add up and everything is not up to expectation. The worse bit, you are there all the time feeling the anguish. It can be painful.

All this can be prevented with the careful selection of premises in the first place.

Cobans in Guildford
Cobans Sandwich Bar

Cobans Sandwich Bar is located on Chapel Street, a side street off the High Street in the Catheral Town on Guildford. The energy, originally coming down Castle Street, flows from the South through Chapel street to the High Street.

map of Cobans Sandwich Bar on Chapel Street

Cobans in Guildford - Google Earth
Google Earth image of Cobans on Chapel Street in Guildford.

Feng Shui Analysis

The energy flows pass Cobans left to right (refer to the top image). The shop window is on a ledge, propped forward to from the “natural front” of the property. This window protrusion blocks the energy flow to the door. Secondly, the door is hung on the wrong side for the easy entry of the energy.


More energy would flow into the shop with the following recommendations:

The window should be moved back to the natural front of the building. Thereby it is less of an obstacle of the energy flow passing the door.
The door should be re-hung with the hinges on the window side of the door frame.

These are minor improvements. There is nothing better than finding a site with good energy.

It is simple when you know how but, even if these corrections were made, the frequency of new occupiers change would be less. As I understand it, this is the 5th occupant of these premises in the last 24 months.

First and foremost, there is very little energy flowing down this road and most of the businesses here (other than those near the junction with Castle Street) do not appear to do well. Most are restaurants and appear to be be quiet in the weekday evenings. This is a street with problems. I would not suggest setting up a business on this street no matter how attractive the rents are. It is best to conserve capital for a better location, save your precious time and not develop frustration. Confidence comes from success; it will be difficult to get it here.

Dr Michael Oon

(c) Copyright – Dr Michael Oon. All Rights Reserved Worldwide 2012.

2 thoughts on “Why does this Sandwich Bar keep changing its owners regularly?”

  1. That's very insightful, Michael! I have seen significant changes in homes and offices simply by rearranging the layout of the rooms and improving energy flow.

    I have a question: Why would it be best in this situation, to hang the door with the hinges on the window side (on the left when looking at the first picture)? If the energy is flowing from left to right–wouldn't it be better to have the door open to the left (with hinges on the right)?

    Or maybe you meant that they should hang the door on the other side of the window?


  2. The energy flows from the image left to the right.
    Energy flow is like a fluid, it does not like a change of direction.

    Hinges on the left – opening on the right
    Hinges on the right – opening on the left.

    Therefore, the energy flow with the least change of direction is when the opening is in the right (hinges on the left side).

    Hope it helps


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