Why can Football clubs like Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Arsenal dominate English League Football for decades but other clubs struggle just to win any trophies. A feng shui analysis. (Part 1)

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For Feng Shui to work effectively, it has to be used in conjunction with 2 other factors. This principle is known as the Trinity of Luck. The three factors are known as Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck. Heaven Luck – this can be is the effort and direction of the owners or the […]

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Kop Grandstand of the Liverpool FC Anfield Stadium

Anfield Stadium (Stephen Sweeney) / CC BY-SA 2.0

For Feng Shui to work effectively, it has to be used in conjunction with 2 other factors. This principle is known as the Trinity of Luck. The three factors are known as Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man Luck.

Heaven Luck – this can be is the effort and direction of the owners or the senior management. For example: are they interested in the welfare of the club or are they more interested in themselves.

Man Luck – the players and their manager. What are the players like? Do they work together? Does the manager get the best of the players playing together?

Earth Luck – the environment. This is primarily about the stadium and the club offices.

As this blog is about the environment and the application of feng shui, I will be describing the stadium and the stadium contribution to the success of the Club,

In these blogs, I will make comment on Liverpool FC, Manchester United and Arsenal FC. They dominated the English football scene for more than a decade each but at different eras. The first post is on Liverpool FC.

In Feng Shui, there are 9 sets of 20 year cycle. In the years 1984 to 2004 (also known as Period 7), the predominant energy comes from the West direction. In other words, if your building could “collect” this predominant energy, it would do extraordinarily well under the “Trinity of Luck” conditions.

This blog is about the time period between 1976 to 2004 which is also known as the golden period for Liverpool FC. The years between 1984 to 2004 are the formal years of Period 7. The build up of energy to this takes 8 years. Hence the study is of the build up and the main time period of 28 years.

The Results

Cup 1976-1983 1984-2004
English League Champions 6 4
FA Cup 0 4
League Cup 3 2
European Cup 3 4
UEFA Cup 1 1
Europen Super Cup 0 1

This is an outstanding record for any English Club.

Doubles and Trebles

League & FA Cup 1985/6
League & League Cup 1981/2 & 1982/3
League & European Cup 1976/77

League, League Cup & European Cup 1983/4
FA Cup, League Cup & UEFA Cup 2000/1

Managers and Owners
The results are not dependant on the managers as shown by the list of managers during this period.
There were no less than 7 managers during this period.

Paisley (1974-83), Fagan (1983-85), Dalglish (1985-91), Souness (1991-94), Evans (1994-8), Houllier (1998-2004), Benitez (2004-2010)

The chairmen of the club were John Smith (1973-1990) and David Moores (1990-2007). This was a period of stability of the owners and the Chairman.

The above information have come from Wikipedia.

The Description of the Stadium
The image above shows the stadium called “Anfield”. The Entrance on The Kop Grandstand is on the Walton Breck Road which is on the East West Axis.

Google Earth image of Liverpool FC Anfield stadium, A feng shui analysis

Google Earth image of Liverpool FC Anfield stadium, The red arrow shows the direction of the energy flow to the Kop Grandstand.

Feng Shui Analysis
The energy from the Sea in the West moves through Walton Breck Road and passes Anfield. The entrances at the Kop Grandstand collects this passing energy. The potency of the energy from the West increases gradually in the 8 years from 1976 to 1984. This energy from the West has the optimal potency from 1984 t0 2004. This is known as Period 7. I have listed the achievements of Liverpool in 2 columns reflecting the 2 time periods. The time period 1976 to 1983 and the full period 1984-2004.

For a club to have sustained success like this is very unusual. The only exception is Manchester United in the 2000s which is featured in the next blog. If you look at the achievements of other English football clubs, the winning of trophies is sporadic and not in such a consistent and sustained manner.

It will take a long time before Liverpool FC can have such a magnificent run of footballing titles, provided that Liverpool stay at Anfield. The cycle takes 180 years to repeat the cycle. The current trend in English Football is to build a new stadium in a new location.

An example of this is Arsenal FC. They were extremely successful in their old stadium Highbury in the 1990s and early 2000. As soon as they moved to their new stadium – the Emirates Stadium, to date, they have not won any trophies since they moved there since 2007 (blog)

The way to achieve such footballing dominance is to have the stadium designed with feng shui designed from the beginning so that it can be designed to win. The entrances can be positioned to received the pre-dominant energy of that time period. In this blog I have shown that Liverpool has the entrance collecting the predominant from the West between 1984-2004. The next two blogs, I will show how Manchester United and Arsenal have managed to the correct entrances to “collect” the predominant energy of their time period.

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