What is Feng Shui? – Earth Luck

“Dancing with Nature at the Right Tempo”

Feng Shui is part of Chinese Philosophy where, living with nature benefits both humans and their environment.

All successful civilisations have learnt to live with Nature.

When you respect Nature, it will reward you.

When you abuse Nature, there will be repercussions.

People need a secure place to live and have reliable sources of food and water. So they have learnt to use the seasons knowing when to plant their crops for the best harvest.

In temperate countries: – crops are sown in Spring and harvested in Autumn (fall).

In Tropical countries (and ancient Egypt) – crops are sown in the wet season and harvested in the dry season.

When people want to sail the oceans, they know the direction of the prevailing winds for that time of the year.

For example: The trade winds.

April to Oct – winds are from the South West. Therefore, travel is in the South Easterly direction from Arabia to South East Asia or The Spice Islands. .

Oct to Mar – winds from the North East. Therefore, travel is in the North Westerly direction, returning from South East Asia to Arabia.

Therefore, merchants depart from Arabia between April to October and return when the winds change the direction later in the year.

This reliance on Nature changed with the industrial revolution in the 19th Century. Machines were invented and people became less dependent on Nature. In the 20th Century, there was talk about controlling and conquering nature with even more technology. However, in the 21st Century, it is payback time. The earth is facing the issue of global warming caused by the excesses of industrialization.

Man has forgotten how important Nature is. It is everywhere. It is all powerful. When you work with Nature, Nature will assist you.

Chinese civilisation began some 4,000 years ago. The Chinese sages observed the behaviour of Nature and compiled the rules to live with Nature. Not only to survive but to prosper. This was initially known as Kan Yi (Management of the Land) which was later named Feng Shui. The Chinese civilisation is oldest continuous civilisation and they understood how to get the best of Nature. It is the most successful civilisation with 1.3 billion people or 20% of the world’s population.

In Chinese Philosophy – the expression – Where there is Energy, (Qi) there is life.  Feng Shui is about the Qi in the Environment. They noticed successful towns, buildings, homes, crop fields had Qi whereas the unsuccessful ones did not.

They made these observations on Qi and formulated the rules.

  • The flow of Qi along the terrain of the Earth.
  • The quality of Qi from different directions changes with time.
  • The quality of Qi varies with time.

These observations became Feng Shui – a study of both time and space.

Feng Shui explains why some towns are really prosperous all the time, others occasionally and other towns, struggling all the time. This explains why some properties can be really prosperous but all the neighbouring properties are not. Some properties are never successful and have a continual change of tenants.

As a result, this knowledge can be used to design property (houses, buildings (residential & commercial) and cities that are prosperous and the people living in harmony.

Dr Michael Oon

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