Vacant shop in Farnham- example of unsuccessful business with poor feng shui –

Vacant buildings are of little benefit to anybody, let alone to the property owner, the community, the local government and the environment. It is possible, using the methodology of Feng Shui to identify sites of building that are potentially going to be prosperous or a failure. Also, the appropriate design for the location can be used to maximise the potential. This is an example of a very difficult site with an inappropriate design.

It had been suggested to me to comment on a vacant property in Farnham, Surrey. The building is of a 1990s design style, with a fascia titled “FEATURE FLAME” and a 0252 telephone code. The current prefix 01 in the telephone number was added in the mid 1990s. This suggests that the property has been vacant since the late 1990s.


The property “FEATURE FLAME” is adjacent to a junction:

The main road is Frensham Road – the road is from left to right in the image. On the right side, the road goes down a steep hill.

The side road next to the property is Burnt Hill Road, the road comes down the hill to the junction.

The photograph was taken from Lodge Hill Road which is considered reasonably flat relative to the other roads.


Energy flows down the slope very much like water. The steeper the slope, the faster the the energy moves.

On the main road, Frensham Road, the energy moves down the hill (left to right) in the image or as depicted by the arrows as shown in the Google Earth image.
The energy is pulled down the hill along Frensham Road.

In Burnt Hill Road, the energy flows down to the junction and it turns because it is pulled down the hill along Frensham Road.

This energy flow totally by-passes the property.
Therefore, the energy does not get into the property.
Understandably, as no energy is getting into the building, the business does not prosper. It fails.
By its appearance, It has remained in this state for quite some time.

It is the main tenet of Chinese Philosophy, “Energy brings life”.
In feng shui, the energy in the environment brings life to the building.
Therefore, a building with energy will prosper.
Conversely, a building without energy will not prosper.

It is the job of the Feng Shui consultant to identify the flows of the energy in the Environment and then tap or “pipe” this energy into this building. The business in the building prospers.

Dr Michael Oon

(c) Copyright – Dr Michael Oon. All Rights Reserved Worldwide 2012.

7 thoughts on “Vacant shop in Farnham- example of unsuccessful business with poor feng shui –”

  1. Does energy only flow along man-made roads?

    If not, how come it doesn’t flow into the subject property which is on a slope?

  2. Dear Jim

    Energy flows downhill any surface when there are no obstacles.
    It flows down fields but there are obstractions some where – trees, bushes or fencing.

    Paths, roads and rivers are meant to be conduits where travel is easiest.
    Therefore, energy flows on the easiest medium.

    I hope this helps

    Kind Regards


  3. Fascinating, Michael.

    But how can the energy flowing down Burnt Hill Road get into the building?

    Even if it can get up over the curb on to the pavement, how would it get through a brick wall?

    Would the owner have to knock holes in the wall at ground level and perhaps build little levees to guide it in?

    Another question. What about drains? Doesn’t much of the energy flowing down roads simply go down the drain? There must be lots of energy down there. Is a sewer a good place to start a business?

  4. Dear Jim

    Energy flowing down Burnt Hill Road –

    The energy moves down this road BUT, it is pulled further down the hill by the steep slope of Frensham Road at the junction. Therefore, it is unlikely there will be much energy getting to the building.

    Drains: water flowing on the surface creates movement of energy. Underground Water is not of significant benefit to living people.

    Kind Regards


  5. If energy flows downhill why are many churches and temples built on hills? You seem to be suggesting that energy takes account of gravity in some way. Is the ancient practice of building steeples to send energy into the heavens wrong?

  6. Dear Robert

    You have asked a very interesting question relating to churches and temples.

    This aspect – temples/churches and graveyards relate to “yin” feng shui which involves the movement of energy under the ground. Temples and graveyards are built on the hills.

    This web site relates to “yang” feng shui which relate to living people and commercial buildings. This involves the movement of energy primarily on the surface of the earth.

    Hope this helps

    Michael Oon

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