The tale of 2 Greek Restaurants

“Location Location Location” is the mantra of many Property Experts. However, have they thought of the Feng Shui considerations?

Two Restaurants (Halapi Restaurant and Zorba Greek Restaurant) are located at either side of a parade of shops in Leinster Terrace in London. From the standard business analysis, you would expect similar levels of business as they would have access to the same clientele. However, from the Feng Shui perspective, one restaurant has really good Feng Shui characteristics whereas the other, is poor.

Leinster Terrace - Locations of Halpati and Zorba Greek Restaurants
Leinster Terrace - Locations of Halpati and Zorba Greek Restaurants

Halapi Restaurant very cramped but full most nights with regulars. Such is the “pull” of the restaurant that people from many different countries make it a point to dine there whenever they are in London.

Halapi Restaurant
Halapi Restaurant

Feng Shui analysis

Halapi Restaurant is getting energy from 2 different sources.

The tale of 2 Greek Restaurants - halapi-1-energy

Leinster Terrace collects energy directly from Hyde Park
Lancaster Gate – energy comes down this road and the energies meet at the junction near the entrance of Halapi
Halapi is therefore “flooded” with energy from 2 different sources. Hence it has been doing well for the past 40 years.

Zorba Greek Restaurant
It has just closed its doors after many years of having poor business.

Zorba Greek Restaurant
Zorba Greek Restaurant

Feng Shui Analysis

The tale of 2 Greek Restaurants - zorba-1

Zorba is at a crest of the downslope. At this point, the slope gets steeper downwards and the energy rushes down Leinster Terrace. The energy thereby misses the entrance of the restaurant. Therefore, Zorba does not get any energy. With no energy getting to the entrance, it will not do well. Well, it has closed it doors a long time ago.

When selecting a property for business, a Feng Shui analysis will reveal whether good business can be carried out in this building or not. Let the buyer beware especially at these times of economic stringency. Had the owner of Zorba Restaurant sought Feng Shui comment, it would have not only saved him money, anguish and many years worth of time. Life would have been much more fulfilling and productive with a business in a different location.

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