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Feng Shui – The 8 compass directions defined.

In Traditional Feng Shui, environmental energy (qi) coming from particular compass direction like North East has beneficial properties or be the predominant energy.
When a town or property gets this this predominant energy, the inhabitants prosper. However, this predominant energy happens for a limited time period. More will be discussed later.

Compass Directions

In this series of blogs, I will using the 8 compass directions or sectors (Chinese Style)

In the Western System for reading the compass. when we mean North East direction, we mean the exact direction of 45 degrees from magnetic North.
Whereas with the Chinese system, it is the segment of directions which are in that direction.
Using the example of a North East direction, it includes a range of directions which form a segment or sector – 22 to 67 degrees.

This system is known as 8 sectors.
Therefore, when it is stated “North East Energy”,it means, the energy comes from the North East sector.

Table of Directions, Western and Chinese

Direction Western (degrees) Chinese (Sector, degrees)
North N 0 337-022
North East NE 45 022-067
East E 90 067-112
South East SE 135 112-157
South S 180 157-202
South West SW 225 202-247
West W 270 247-292
North West NW 315 292-337

Diagram of the 8 sectors


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