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Michael Oon

I am a feng shui consultant specialising in enabling property developers to sell their building faster and at a premium. I work with them from concept. I am the owner of SE consulting and a member of an international team alliance feng shui which is involved in projects in various parts of the world.

Feng shui is the Chinese system of land management for the built environment. It provides the knowledge of how the environment affects human behaviour with the passages of time.

I am based in the UK was previously a forensic scientist with the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) in London.

My interests are personal development, travel and an exponent of social communications.

Contact details:
M + 44 (0) 7973 551184
E-mail: michael.oon@gmail.com
Web site/blog: michaeloon.com


SE Consulting 2007-
I am a feng shui consultant specialising in enabling property developers to sell their buildings faster, and also, to complete the project on time and on budget. I get involved when the project is at the concept stage.

Strategic Environs 2005-2007
I have worked on various development projects in North America, Europe and in Asia as part of a Strategic Environs team. The size of the projects can vary from the design of a single family home, commercial building. Hotel/resort, residential estates to the design of cities. The size of the team depends very much on the demands of the project.

Alliance Feng Shui 2001-2005
Training and Apprenticeship : A very rigorous system of training following the precepts of Traditional Feng Shui which include the selection of the student.
Learning: the knowledge
Applying the knowledge
Training: using the knowledge
Apprentice: applying the knowledge

In the 2001, I was invited to be an “indoor student” of Shyan Tseng after a rigorous selection procedure and started the training to be a Feng Shui consultant.

• Since the mid 1990s. I have noticed how the environment can affect people’s lives. Just by making an alteration, their lives could be changed drastically – for better or worse. This led me to the learn Feng Shui – a study of the influence of the environment on a person’s life.
• Since 2001, I started to learn the basic knowledge of Feng Shui and allied subjects from Shyan Tseng. Was then trained in the application of the knowledge by visiting to various sites and cities. Finally got started in working in operational teams on various projects around the world. After 7 years, I am now allowed to practise in my own name.
• The unique strength of our practise is that we work as individuals or in Teams – depending on the size of the project. This allows us to draw on the collective strength of individual members but particularly, on the team principals who have more than 30 years of experience at the top level of Feng Shui practise. We therefore, are able to deliver the best practise to all our clients consistently.

• The range of our work is shown in the Consultancy page.

Geomancer: 1998- 2001
Feng shui consultant – working with residential properties.

Career – Forensic Science (1978-1998)
Joined the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) Forensic Science Laboratory – Special Services Section. From doing R&D, I moved to Operational case work in the Drugs Division.

Early Years:
Born in Singapore and brought up in a Traditional Chinese Upbringing. Had my primary education at the ACS and then to The Leys School in Cambridge (UK). Then I went to Imperial College (London) for my B.Sc in Chemistry and M.Sc in Physiological Chemistry. My first job was a Research worker at the Institute of Psychiatry (University of London) where I was awarded a PhD with a commendation by the examiner for the work done (22 peer reviewed publications).

Other interests:

• Public Speaking: This skills of this interest was developed by attending Toastmasters. Currently, I give talks on 2 topics to interested organisations.
a. “The World turned upside down explained and how you can benefit from it”. – An analysis of the current economic situation and the developing trends in the next decade.
b. “The Practise of Feng Shui in the West.”

• Personal Development: We can be masters of own destiny if we know how to. This technique provides us with the tools to achieve want we want. This separates the achievers from the non-achievers or the Giants from the boys.
• Future trends. I have being studying of economic history for a long time. It is generally accepted that cycles are predictable but their characteristics are not. Feng Shui methodology provides a roadmap of the future.

Helen Oon
Married in 1978 where Helen was in travel – American Express Travel Division. She became a published author in 1994 – has since written travel guides – Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. She is extremely passionate about animals and supports an animal charity Lassie in Langkawi, an island off the Malaysian peninsula. where the profits from Temple Tree Resort is used to support this charity.

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